New Adventures

A new adventure.

I have done this once before. But, this time it will be different. I am committing it to the Lord, for His Glory. All for Him. I keep hearing a little voice saying “write”. I keep questioning that little voice. I think to myself, “oh, but Elise, there are one million other bloggers, women bloggers, Christian women bloggers”….but God. I am determined to write. Just write. And my questioning….”but God?”….becomes BUT GOD. He can do way more than I can to reach others….and if it is in his will and if the little voice I continue to hear telling me to write, just write, is True, then my words will reach who He intends to read them….

So I have started upon this adventure of writing again. I am going to write being led by the Holy Spirit. I am choosing not to look at my stats and my followers numbers, and become obsessed with that, but to keep my eyes on Him. The true AUTHOR of all things….I seek only one thing…to glorify my Lord, to bring more women to Him and for them to see that abundant and joyful life is possible….I am seeking Him in all things…So here goes nothing!