The Smile of a Mama

The smile of a mama….

It can lift. It can lift hearts, moods, the sense of a bad mood lingering. A mamas’ smile can change hearts. A mamas’ laugh can do more than any of these things. It can change the atmosphere of a home. Whether we moms would like to admit it or recognize it, or not, we are the atmosphere changers in our homes. 

When husbands arrive home from work, when children come home from school, or walk in from doing an “outside of home” activity, it is so important for us to greet our family members with a smile, a hug, and a happy spirit.

Today, on the way to go pick up our cat, Jack, from a surgery (a surgery that is costing more than the cat itself…sigh…) I had a moment where I could have lost it, and yelled and thrown a mini-mama tantrum. My four children, ages 7, 5, 1, and newborn, were basically creating chaos behind me as I drove down the highway. It all started with a, “mama, will you turn up the song!” and another trying to tell me a very in-depth story about the cows on the side of the road and yada yada, and a toddler crying because he is already overtired at ten thirty in the morning, and a newborn who did not get to have his full morning feeding. So, it continued on like this: the child who wanted the music turned up hit the one who was telling the story because she wanted to hear music and the other would not be quiet…
So, anyways, I think the kids knew…by the way the music disappeared and the way I turned that rear view mirror with a crank…that mama was gonna blow her top. Instead, I viewed the chaos behind me while keeping one eye (yikes) on the road ahead and I suddenly found it quite humorous. I smiled, and then I laughed. You wouldn’t believe what happened next, everyone was just happy. The music went back up, and happiness ensued.

In that solitary moment as my van continued toward the destination of cat retrieval, I had a thought. I’m a mood changer. Im able to change moods easily; with my children and my husband….and I’m feeling convicted.

That’s all.

How have you noticed that a mama smile or laugh has changed moods and atmosphere in your homes and lives??

Blessings, mamas, Elise Mae


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