Summer Fun


We are having a lot of old fashioned fun this summer, so far! We are continuing our school work. Our daughter is working on letters and letter sounds, while our son continues to polish up his reading skills. Both of the kiddos are also doing their first math class with MathUSee. They’re both primarily hands-on learners! Which makes things fun and interesting!


“G” finished his very first reading primer through Pathway Reader. He absolutely loved it! He’s so proud and so is mama! We were on our way to the next reader in the series but he decided he wanted to begin again in this reader to see how good he was. His fluency has, of course, improved greatly, as well as his confidence, which is such a huge blessing to see.


MR “S” is having fun playing with his toys, if course!


While the kids are learning and playing and having summer fun, mama is trying to soak in all the summer beauty while I can! Before we know it, the snow is going to cover the ground.

Blessings, Elise Mae


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